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When Marlys first started in 1989, QuickBooks did not even exist!  She was (and still is) an Authorized Reseller and consultant for the MAS90 software platform that is now currently owned by Sage.  While we still support MAS90, the cost has driven it out of reach for most of our clients.


In the meantime, QuickBooks continually improves their software and has earned our respect.  Its ease of use, capabilities and low price have made it our recommended software of choice for small to medium sized businesses.


We offer QuickBooks training and support for all business types and sizes. We typically create the initial file for new clients and often work with clients as they progress to keep the QuickBooks file clean and running smoothly.




2594 Lake Whatcom Boulevard
Bellingham, WA 98229
Phone: (360) 733-7155
Fax: (360) 733-2510


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